About Us

You're part of our HANDMADE Home. Together we create beautiful and unique homes on tight budgets.

We believe that good design should not necessarily cost more than bad design. We find VINTAGE MID CENTURY MODERN FURNITURE and restore its beauty back so that you can enjoy it right away.

Our latest dream come true is a small collection of newly made limited production of MCM furniture, made from beautiful old growth teak wood by craftsmen in Denmark following the best traditions of 1960’s.

We believe it is unique not only in Canada but in a world since old growth teak wood (over 150 years old) supply is very very limited, and larger scale production is not sustainable; you can see even iconic Danish companies using oak, ash, beech or walnut but not teak in their new production.

We are Asta and Geddy, a wife and a husband, who share the passion for the home décor, design, renovation, Mid Century Modern style combined with one of the kind industrial and vintage finds.

We started our business when we were renovating and furnishing our 1960’s house in Toronto, and could not find great quality furniture with great looking design at an affordable price.

We save money by not having a brick and mortar store and doing all the work ourselves; we combine our individual areas of expertise, Asta, home product development specialist, holding Master's degree in Marketing and Geddy – carpenter and handyman, to offer you high quality furniture for the lowest possible prices.

Whilst our 12 hour work days do not yet bring lots of money, we meet lots of nice people who share our passion for Mid Century Modern style. Sometimes they also become our new friends!

Please check our New MCM Furniture collection and combine it with restored Vintage Furniture and ONE OF THE KIND items to create interiors that are as unique as you are.